Mortgage Expert Reveals Everything You Need To Know About Home Loans

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We all get bombarded with home loan advertising on a daily basis. TV commercials, print advertising, direct mail, radio commercials, and every ones favorite, SPAM. Wouldn’t it be nice to understand what is really going on when it’s time to make an Oregon mortgage decision.

With out a doubt, the purchase or refinance of a home is the biggest financial decision most people ever make. Not understanding how your mortgage works, how it will affect you, or picking a loan based upon the lowest fees or rates can end up costing you thousands of dollars more had you made a good decision in the first place.

Weather you are a first time home buyer or you’ve bought and sold hundreds of homes. This web site is for you. The home lending industry is constantly changing. New loan products come, old loan products go. It’s difficult to stay up with it all as a loan officer. So for the average consumer it can be a nightmare trying to decide what to do and what to look for in an mortgage.

Now I am not saying that you need to know as much as a loan consultant or mortgage broker. But what I am trying to say is that you do need to have a general idea what is going on and know a little bit about some of the different products available. This will help your loan consultant guide you to the right decisions and the right products.


Finding a good loan consultant can be as much of a challenge as picking the right loan. We’re all in sales and make our money by selling money, we don't work for free. But your challenge is to find someone that is truly interested in helping you obtain the best home loan that fits your needs.

Hopefully after reading through this website you'll pick the right loan office and company to work as well as choose the right home loan for you and your family.

I created this web site to support and educate as many people about mortgages as possible. This web site is not about soliciting a loan from you. It is for information purposes only.

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